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more requests

hi, you are probably all getting sick of me already but
does anyone have disco 2000 and common people videos ? :)
you would recieve much love and happiness from me!
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you should try soulseek.
could you possibly upload them on yousendit or email them to tashamintpet@hotmail.com? :)
i'd like them too!! could you possible AIM them to me? =>rivenharlot
same here, i'd like those as well.
Euh.. Buy the "hits" dvd. Its a must
i couldnt find it anywhere i looked
I know this was from ages ago but if anyone is still looking for them I can put them on yousendit if needed
ooh, I'd like to see them too. However, it's a few more ages later.
I forgot about this, sorry! :$

Anywho, I'm moving house next week so almost everything is in boxes. I will most definetly have this done next week, if I don't then I give everyone the right to kill me!

Sorry again!