the infinite mirror (j7bnvaaaetrd) wrote in hardcorepulp,
the infinite mirror

PULP news

Fans of Pulp and Harry Potter both have something to cheer about. According to The Sun, Jarvis Cocker has been brought on to score the soundtrack for Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire. If that isn’t enough to make you salivate with delight, Cocker will also make a cameo in the film. Wait… is that the sound of diehard Britpop fans around the world wetting themselves? Yes it is. Myself included. Supposedly the new Potter director Mike Newell wanted to change things up a bit after John Williams scored the past three films. According to The Sun’s anonymous source at Warner Brothers, “Everyone here is really excited about Jarvis being involved in Goblet Of Fire. He is a very talented musician who is a big fan of movies and knows exactly how they work. You may just think Jarvis is the bloke in specs who fronted Pulp but he is a man with many hidden depths.”

In fact, it was Cocker who approached Franz Ferdinand to write a track for the upcoming film. Singer Alex Kapranos told VH1, “We've been asked to write some music.There's a section where there's a band of ugly sisters playing and I think, well, some members of Franz Ferdinand may be the ugly sisters in the band." Jarvis Cocker AND Franz Ferdinand working together for the good of mankind. Is it just me, or does Jarvis eerily resemble Harry Potter a bit? Cocker does have much better glasses.
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