The last of the famous international arseholes (pulptart) wrote in hardcorepulp,
The last of the famous international arseholes

Get a date with the night

Seeing as how I just spilt my cocktail all over my lap and the Whiskey is penetrating my underoo's, this post will be brief.

On friday December 31st ( that's New Years Eve to all you who did'nt know) Carlos Dengler or Carlos D. as most people know of him, will be our guest DJ at Lipgloss.
As well as being a heart throb Bass player in Interpol he is a stand up guy and a great DJ. I have spent many nights dancing a sweat up to his sets at Lit in NYC, and have spent many nights mooching girls off his arm. (you do what you gotta do)

So now you might be asking yourself, "Why the fuck is he telling me all this?". The answer is simple my sweeties. I want you! Yeah your hot ass.

Typically New Years Eve blows...No question about it. So that's why I'm letting you know FAR in advance before you have to commit to some sad assed dog washing party or some chips and dip party, rockin it in with Dick (98 years old) Clark. We've all been to those parties, shagged the wrong person, drank too much, talked to the most boring people all whilst looking good enoufe to eat off of a stick.

So this year I say tell your friends to stuff their parties, make plans to play some other dive bar that you'll probably play another 8 times before August, plan on smoking your first piece of crack another night, tell your Aunt that she has Alzheimer's and the Boogle tournament was last month...whatever. Just get your plump little cherub cheeks out to Lipgloss and kick the New Years Eve straight in the nuts!

For more information contact

or find Michael, me , or Tyler on Myspace

*first 30 people that respond get a tongue bath*
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